Yema Bread

Making the Sweet Dough

Put into the jug or bowl: 170ml full Cream Milk, and heat it to microwave 100% for about 30 sec. then add:

  • 7g. (1 1/2 tsp.) yeast into the bowl or jug  and leave it for about 7-10 minutes or until the mixture become foamy…
  • Cream the 125g. cube butter with 120g. white sugar (caster sugar preferably) into the Mixing Bowl (Mixer Machine bowl) Once creamy add 2 eggs (one at a time and then mix, then continue mixing until its creamy and bubbly. Remove the Mixer hook.
  • ADD  yeast mixture  +  480g. plain flour, 1 tsp. fine salt.
  • Put the Dough hook and knead the flour mixture until its ready to use or once the dough is sticky that when you touch it, it does not stick to your finger, or spatula, and the dough is like rubbery.  Once done, detached the mixture from machine and cover it with cloth or cling film and let it to rise for about 2 hours or until its double the size.

Yema (Condensed Milk Custard ). We will do this while waiting the dough to rise.

Turn on gas to lowest heat in gas, and put the non sticky sauce pot and ADD IN:

  • 1 tsp. butter to melt; once melted, add in;
  • 160g. condensed milk
  • 60ml. full cream milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla

stir constantly until become bit sticky, this time add the 3 egg yolks while keep stirring, until they become hard custard.

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