Schoo Menu 2021

Week 3: 12 Apr; 3 May; 24 May; 14 Jun

21 June : Nursery : Rita; Main-Kam & Elizabeth (Kam took the trolley from Nursery this day)

Monday June 21, served at Nursery: Kristy/ Main Server : Kam and Elizabeth
Macaroni Cheese (v) 2 big Rectangular Bowl being should be served by both sides.
Savoury Vegetable Rice (V) Only two serving was taken, also on display plain rice, but children goes to rice and Beans.
Jacket Potato with Bake Beans, Cheese or Tuna Mayo Children Opts to Jacket Potato
Sandwich w/tuna, cheese, or Ham  12T;Cheese 45C; 27H that day due to left over from the Teachers being served on last Friday
  Broccoli about 4 served taken at Elizabeth counter;
  Carrots mostly taken
  Fruit Flapjack  
Tuesday June 22, served at Nursery by Rita Main Server : Kam & Elizabeth
  Chicken Korma w/Rice 4 served was taken; kids opts to Rice and Beans which I only served that option if they are vegetarian, as they could not have chicken.
  Vegetable Chowmein (V) Children prefer plain noodles, with only one served of Oriental Veg. to Asian Child; usually served with  mix vegetables, and sometimes with kids partner it with baked beans, and in rear occasion 3 children have noodles and cheese together nothing else.
  Jacket Potato w/baked Beans/Cheese/Tuna/ 2 rectangular full of jacket potatoes is need for myside; 
  Sandwich w/tuna, cheese, or Ham 42C; 11T( but must make 13 the next time); 22H due to No meat on this menu is served apart from chicken Korma which Children don’t usually prefer, 
  Mixed vegetables   This has been partnered favourably by children since they could not have rice and beans alone :), so children will opt to noodles then partnered with mixed vegetables. Round chopped carrots if served on display, is just taken by a few. 
  Sticky Toffee w/Custard
  Roast Chicken W/New Potatoes & Gravy  
  Cheese and Potato Pie (V) its going okay
  Pasta w/Beef Balognese and Cheese its going okay 2 rectangular bowl
  Sandwich w/tuna, cheese, or Ham made 40C (should be 45) made 19H (but should make25)  & about 13T for this day only.
    Spring Cabbage          
    Strawberry Jelly        
  Beef Burger w/Potato Wedges    
  Veggie Burger w/New Potato Wedges (V)    
  Pasta w/Tomato Sauce and Cheese      
  Sandwich w/tuna, cheese, or Ham     made 50C (Returned :   ) made 25 Ham Returned : Made 14 Tuna -Returned :
    Green Beans          
    Chocolate Short Bread        
  Fish Finger and Chips          
  Cheese and Tomatoe Pinwheel w/Chips (V)  
  Jacket Potato with Bake Beans, Cheese or Tuna Mayo  
  Sandwich w/tuna, cheese, or Ham 35C;20H and 11T.
    Baked Beans          
    Ice Cream and Fresh Fruits