Mobile Phone Definition of Conditions

Our Mobile Phones that we are selling are in 4 different conditions as follows:

  • Brand New- those phone which are pack in its box with its complete accessories, except when they are only packed in different packaging for handling and shipping or Customs Clearance policy.  The unit is smooth, untouched and never used except maybe open for inspection of accessories by the retailers.
  • Fully Refurbished Grade A+-these are the phones that are in good looking,good as Brand New outside, due to its full replacement of full housing case, screen smooth and may contain of screen protector, but the inside parts of the phone is Used, as the outside looks only which are refurbished to highest standard.  Performance of the phone like  used, and the battery life should last at least 48 hours on standby.
  • Refurbished Grade A- used phones, but looks like nearly immaculate condition being replaced if not all, or some screen and cases and replaced with better housing than used.
  • Used Grade B”-these are the phones with some marks and scratches from previous usage, nothing has been change, but it is fully working condition as it should, all functions should be fully working and without a problem.  ( Note: Our used Mobile Phones are checked, if possible changed with new parts inside so that its performance and life maybe longer than those you bought normal used phones).
  • Faulty Phones-are those phones which tested, and upon test,fault has been found.  Once one fault is found, we stop our checking, and we are selling the phone as faulty.  Therefore, some phone faulty phones maybe sold with more than one or two faults, and some of the faults may not have mentioned.   Please consider this before buying faulty phones.  Ask us if you are considering for spare parts, and instead buying faulty phones, so that for a particular function of the phone, we can try a test before sending it you.