At EasyPayLoan we are a group of individual investing our hard earned money to help people to mobilized their small business by providing them loan in a very small interest fee.

The loan we offered are for our friends and relatives.  At the moment, we are only providing loan to those we say “whom we know” and people who knew us.  We are just private individuals who started a small capital to help friends and relatives who have skills and abilities to give them opportunities and financial assistance when they need it, and if their family is not able to support them at the time they mostly needed it.

So that offered opportunities which is not likely to happen again, will not be wasted simply of financial disabilities.

Here at easyPayLoan we aim to give help and in return a pledge to us that they will also help other people in their community, so that a person who have skills can utilise their skills and abilities and become useful to their family and to the community as well. 

For more information on how to avail our loan offered, please contact us on facebook> Contact Us