Adoption of Illigitimate Child-The whole process

This case brought to my attention and so that It will remain my reference in the future should the necessity exist. 

This case is about the processing of the Adoption of Illegimate Child.



ARt. 176 of the Family Code


Judicial Recognition of Judgement Issued by Foreign Courts

A Judgment/Decree/Order (such as a divorce decree or adoption order) issued by UK/Irish Courts needs to be recognized by Philippine courts for it to be enforceable in the Philippines and by Philippine agencies. 

The judicial recognition will proceed as follows:

  1. Foreign court order duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate (please check separate section on the authentication of foreign-issued documents for use in the Philippines) shall be submitted to a Regional Trial Court (RTC) in the Philippines, which shall issue a decision on the matter
  2. The RTC confirmation/decision shall be registered with the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Local Civil Registry officer of the city/municipality where the RTC has jurisdiction
  3. The PSA shall cause the annotation of the appropriate civil registry document affected by the court order (such as the Marriage Certificate/Report of Marriage of a Filipino divorced by the foreign spouse or the Birth Certificate of a Filipino adopted by a foreign national)
  4. The applicant applies for an authenticated and security paper copy of the annotated Marriage Certificate of the previous marriage or Birth Certificate of the adopted child from the PSA.

How to Recognize a Foreign Adoption on a Philippine Birth Certificate