How to sort out yourself with others who gonna be first when the Embassy is open?

Image result for falling in line in philippine embassyWe don’t really need to fall in line.   We just respect who was there first.  Unless there are already many people when you get there, but if you get there as early as like me, well, I was there as 6.20 am.  It is spring season, so it is a bit cold outside.  There was a corner near the door, so we hide there for a while, they will open at 9am anyway, still lots of time waiting.  While waiting, I send my son to look some food nearby, so he brought porridge, when he got back. I just want anything hot, after the two hour travel from Coventry, and I spit out everything in my tummy. ( Travel sickness :(. )…

About 8am, another person came, so she was the 2nd one. Then soon about 8.20 Nadia, with two kids, came with her husband.  I can’t forget she lend me her jacket, as I am trembling cold, well not really bad, but to me I am….  then she said that she still have sometime waiting so she needs to feed her kids, so, I told her, that it should be okay for her to go and have something to eat, and as soon as it opens, I will just get her number with mine.   We knows, she deserve to be the number 3 person who came earlier.

Then at 8.30, another women, came.  She looks Ilocana I guess, but maybe I am wrong. She asked who was the first one, and the second lady pointed me and my kids to be the first people who arrived.  Good with that… 🙂  She counted and put herself as number 4, and can’t believe what she did, she stood at the door, and keep  the people to be in the right number in the que… well done !

So though I was hiding at the corner, due to cold, so long people knew who were there first and respect to that, it should go smoothly….

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