How to get to Philippine Embassy from Victoria Coach Station London.

Once you arrived Victoria Coach Station, outside the arrival area, there are taxi falling in line. You have to approach to the one who is first in the line, or ask if you are not sure, People there will get  you in the taxi anyway, so easy no worries.

Tell the taxi driver you want to go to the Philippine embassy, telling him the address.  In our  experience, there are 5 of us, my kids and husband, and we took a taxi. From Victoria to Suffolk (the location of the embassy), it cost us £8.70, but eventually cost us £10 as I did not asked the change back, I was just happy I get there on time.  It takes us really few minutes, roughly about 10 minutes.  We arrive at the Philippine Embassy at exactly 6.20 am in London time.

It was spring time, and the temperature is roughly 6 degrees, still cold to me, but have to be there as early as I can, I want to be there, before many people in Que…


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