How to Get Rid of Dandruff


If you are like me, who is having a problem of white flakes on the head due to cold or changing weather conditions in a cold countries, or just having this itchy dandruff, then maybe this simple but effective way, can help you.

I tried it myself, and I guarantee it works on me.   I have this long problem of how to get rid of my dandruff, and sometimes, it is worst in winter.  I do tried, having a shower as early as 4 am and successive for 3 days, with shampoo and conditioner, but those didn’t work!

Now, tried lemon +olive oil, with or without honey, works!

1 Fresh Lemon;
1-2 tablespoon of olive oil;
1 tbsp. of Honey (optional)

  1.  Squeeze one good size lemon, put into a cup and warm it to 1 minute in microwave on high temperature, can do to a gas, like just enough to boil it.
  2. Once its boiling, take it off, now add the olive oil, and then wait it to cold down just warm enough to apply to your head skin.  Use cotton ball, soak into the mixture,  and apply to your scalp, all around your head, then cover with towel, or the best is to put a plastic hat, while waiting the time to concentrate the heat into your scalp.
  3.  Have a good shampoo and massage all your head, then rinse. You might need to shampoo your hair twice to take off all the grease of the oil.

Repeat this treatment for like 3 times for a week.  Do this for a week treatment only.

Note: Do this only for a week only, this is because, the method used lemon which is acidic and may not be good to your hair specially when you have thin hair.  Too much of lemon applied to your hair may damage your hair, but not serious. Probably just drying the hair.

In my experiment, I did the first one with coconut oil, +lemon, but then in the 2nd time around, i heard that olive oil is better, it helps treating your hair. So I did use olive oi.

As i Have not tried with honey, I would be happy if someone can share their experience using honey.  Please leave a comments!

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