Cleaning your floor rugs

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Since I move to England in 2008, I have to deal these carpet rugs, which to me no know how to clean it, apart from my husband doing it using a vacuum cleaner every summer.

Now, as the years pass by, I am waiting for that time and one time, the rugs got really dirty and need cleaning, I could not stop myself but be brave to clean it. I did it in the bath tub, but then it is so uncomfortable scrubbing it with brush using bleach, and you have to bend as you could not sit down properly. It is okay if only one or two, but even two I am struggling to clean it.  So the next time it got dirty, I put it to the washing machine, nobody had told me that it will ruin the back side of the rugs, and so two of my beautiful design rugs damage!!

So, okay, I will just wait for another summer time….

But as I go along cleaning my kitchen, drawers, fridge, washing machine and dishwasher, it leaves only the rugs remains my problem.

There must be a way of out it!

And when somebody had told me that soaking baking soda makes those old whites looking new whites! I could not help but to try.  So I did try the white clothes of my son, and it works great!

Now, looking at the rugs, I just took one of it, and soaked it for the whole night in the bath tub, but to my amazement, every time I went to the bathroom, I can see the water gets brown, and my rugs turns like lighter…. I almost want to get the brush and scrub it, but i hold myself, the whole night must be followed to have a best result, if I want.

Believe me or not, the next morning, just few scrubs, and rinse, my rugs totally clean, and even lighter than the one being cleaned by vacuum cleaner!

Wow, amazing! Cleaning Solution!!


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