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Steve’s Orange Sponge Cake

This makes only for 1 layer cake.

  • Line your tin with baking sheets, then preheat the oven to 160 degree and then bake the cake for an hr.  I used the small over.

Ingredients Prepartions:

  • Weight 3 eggs;
  • Take the weight of the eggs, then x2 for the weight of the sugar, e.g. 100g. x 1.2 =Weight of Sugar.
  • Take the weight of the sugar =the weight of margarine.

Beat the margarine and sugar together until its creamy white, and scrap them down from time to time while mixing.

Add 1 egg and beat; and another 1 egg at a time; and

  • 5ml. baking powder;
  • 5ml. vanilla essence;
  • 10ml. orange essence.

Take the same weight of Flour as the weight from the eggs and beat them in medium speed.


What is the nearest reasonable fast food near PE London

Just near the Philippine Embassy, there is mcdonald where you can buy nice burger and fries and drinks. Guess they have coffee too.
At the ground floor, there is toilet which is really helpful for those looking where to go toilet at early morning at Philippine Embassy.
This is the ground floor of MC donald in Trafalgar Square. We had lunch there before we proceed to St. James Park-London for time killing and sight seeing while waiting for our departure time back to Coventry.
Alternatively, if you have a pack lunch, then you can eat at any place within this area.
In July 2011, we had our lunch here from our sandwich pack we got from the shop named Tesco, however, when we came back 2016, could not find the Tesco shop, but found the MCdonald instead. Good place to eat though.
Price of the burger is £3.99 with fries,
Kids meals £3.99
Smoothie for REgular size is £1.99

The Processing

Once you got in the embassy and secure your number, all you have to do is wait your number to be called.

if you are there to renew your passport, get ready your papers on hand while waiting the number. Numbers may be called quickly depending on the person before you. Some are really quick, and some takes a while, but don’t worry, yours be called soon.

Have you organise your papers before going there?

Well, to make the transactions fast and speedy, get it ready before getting there. Take your time necessary to get ready everything before going there.   Remember, that the people who come there maybe from places far away, some took children, and some maybe old, and some maybe exhausted from travelling. Consider these feelings as well. Help as much as you can by sorting yourself.

First, if you are renewing your passport.
Get ready all the requirements.

  1. Your old passport.
    Also photocopy of these 2 copies of the data page and its back.
    sample of data page
    sample of last page, this view may change depending on the kind of your passport. Whether its readable or not, or maybe at the time of application of your passport, the passport maybe different version, but so long its the last page.
  2. As for the supporting documents, photocopy 2 copies of each of them.
    (As to my experience, the do not look at any of my original papers, but in case they may need to see it, at least you have it handy.).  After all, if you come from far away, it is better to have it there, rather than come back again the next time.Insert all the papers requirement in the old passport, then hand it to the person processing it.

Note : If you renew your passport after a period of time, meaning the expiry date of your passport due for a long time, before you renew it, you might need to execute an  affidavit. check sample…


I can save a lot of time if you download this form  and write your reasons why you are delayed in renewing your passport. In my son’s case, I write there…
…. Due to distance and work.  Travel schedule to visit PE London office was always re scheduled.  The affiant is still a Filipino Citizen.

Well, it works okay.   You need to write two original/Or, you can make one original and one (1) photocopy. Your choice.

Return of documents:

Applicants are requested to provide their own self-addressed envelope for the return of their documents.


  • Standard – 1 envelope with max of 3 passports 9.00 
    ( Not sure if this is special Delivery, though if you check on your application form, it says there, that it must be special Delivery. Normally cost £6.95, You must buy this Prepaid special Delivery Envelope from your local post office. This must carry at least 100g. and may able to carry 2 passports inside it.  
  • Additional postage (per each additional passport) 1.00
    This maybe the cheapest way to add if you have additional passports needed.  Well, I have not clever enough, I gave two (2) Prepaid Special Delivery, my husband make sure, that should be more than enough for the 3 passports we processed.    IF anyone could add, if 1st Class Sign for would be okay to use for the return documents, that should be more helpful, after all, Recorded Delivery, should be safe as well.


Once the submission of all the documents goes okay, the en charge will tell advised you to pay.  They will give you sort of like receipt with numbers on it.  The cashier window is just beside the processing window.  Just get ready the money needed, it worth securing notes like 10£20, and £5 or if you have some coins as well. Once paid, you can proceed to Photo taking (2nd floor).


This is not the exact view in PE London, but this is just give you an idea how it is done there.  It could be that you are waiting like this before your turn for photo taking..

But when its your turn, you sit down in a chair, the camera is movable and connected to the computer, well I guess, if not connected thru internet,whatsoever, its pretty quick. After the picture taking, you will be asked to have your finger print. Got picture here…

then your signature, though kind of forgot which one first, signature or finger, pretty they are next to each other….

Then reviewing the data entry into the computer by the en charge, then they will tell you roughly how long before the new passport be delivered to you. So far, it takes from earliest as 6 weeks and the longest is 12 weeks.

It worth to renew the passport at least 7-8 months before its expiry date if you have plan to travel for a holiday.

Hope this post is helpful, I encourage my friends in London to share their experiences at PE London in processing their papers, would be helpful to refresh this info from time to time.

How to sort out yourself with others who gonna be first when the Embassy is open?

Image result for falling in line in philippine embassyWe don’t really need to fall in line.   We just respect who was there first.  Unless there are already many people when you get there, but if you get there as early as like me, well, I was there as 6.20 am.  It is spring season, so it is a bit cold outside.  There was a corner near the door, so we hide there for a while, they will open at 9am anyway, still lots of time waiting.  While waiting, I send my son to look some food nearby, so he brought porridge, when he got back. I just want anything hot, after the two hour travel from Coventry, and I spit out everything in my tummy. ( Travel sickness :(. )…

About 8am, another person came, so she was the 2nd one. Then soon about 8.20 Nadia, with two kids, came with her husband.  I can’t forget she lend me her jacket, as I am trembling cold, well not really bad, but to me I am….  then she said that she still have sometime waiting so she needs to feed her kids, so, I told her, that it should be okay for her to go and have something to eat, and as soon as it opens, I will just get her number with mine.   We knows, she deserve to be the number 3 person who came earlier.

Then at 8.30, another women, came.  She looks Ilocana I guess, but maybe I am wrong. She asked who was the first one, and the second lady pointed me and my kids to be the first people who arrived.  Good with that… 🙂  She counted and put herself as number 4, and can’t believe what she did, she stood at the door, and keep  the people to be in the right number in the que… well done !

So though I was hiding at the corner, due to cold, so long people knew who were there first and respect to that, it should go smoothly….

Organic pigs are more profitable

Many hog raisers in the country are complaining that piggery is no longer a profitable business because of the high cost of feeds.

One fellow, however, is not complaining. He produces his own fermented feeds at a low cost and says there is big profit in hog raising – if you raise them the organic way.

The fellow is Jess Domingo who runs the Domingo Ranch in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao. Jess opted to retire in 2004 from a corporate giant as a financial officer after reaching the age of 50 so he can indulge in his passion for farming and culinary art.

  • image:


Organic pigs are more profitable

Many hog raisers in the country are complaining that piggery is no longer a profitable business because of the high cost of feeds.

One fellow, however, is not complaining. He produces his own fermented feeds at a low cost and says there is big profit in hog raising – if you raise them the organic way.

The fellow is Jess Domingo who runs the Domingo Ranch in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao. Jess opted to retire in 2004 from a corporate giant as a financial officer after reaching the age of 50 so he can indulge in his passion for farming and culinary art.

FERMENTED FEEDS IN PLASTIC DRUMS – Jess Domingo shows to visitors from the Ifugao Provincial Agriculture Office his feeds that are fermented inside tightly covered plastic drums for 15 days before feeding to the pigs. Jess has 50 of these blue plastic drums for his own operation. He has been teaching farmers how to grow organic pigs. To make it easier for the farmers, he plans to produce fermented feeds in big volume so the farmers can access their feed requirement from him.

IN PURSUIT OF HIS PASSION – At first he put up a culinary school in Metro Manila and at the same time operated the Domingo Ranch stocked with high-grade Brahmans. His culinary school was profitable but it required a lot of time so that he did not have enough time to attend to his cattle.

And while he was making money in his culinary school, the owner of the place was asking for a raise in rent every time. It was time he had to give up the culinary school and devote his full time to farming.

TURNING POINT – In 2011, he decided to attend a seminar on organic farming offered by Ronald Costales who has a prize-winning organic farm in Majayjay, Laguna. His main intention then was to look for a good forage crop for his cattle.

After attending the seminar, he was no longer as interested in a good forage crop. He was more interested in the idea of organic farming and set aside a five-hectare area for organic farming in his farm.

Sharp as he is in business, he knew his product could not be the same as that of Costales who specializes in salad greens. Alfonso Lista is too far from the Metro Manila market for salad greens that are delicate to transport. So he decided to raise pigs the organic way that he learned from Costales.

RIGHT PROJECT – Raising organic pigs is the right project for him for one very good reason. Pork is expensive in Isabela, his target market, which is just right across the border. At the time of our interview (April 6), he said the going price was P125 per kilo liveweight. And as he has actually found out, producing pork the organic way is very profitable even if there is no premium for such pork in his target market.

(Actually, earlier in 2002 while he was still a corporate executive, he tried to raise pigs the conventional way in his ranch but gave that up because he lost money due to the high cost of feeds.)

THE ACTUAL COST – In his own experience, he can fatten a piglet to 90 kilos liveweight using his own feed formulation at a cost of feeds totaling P3,500. His other costs are the cost of the piglet, labor, water and utilities. Because he produces his own weanlings, the cost per head is only P675 compared to P2,500 when sourced from outside farms.

Jess places the total cost of producing a 90-kilo fattened hog in a period of 5.5-6 months at P5,375. This is broken down to P3,500 for feeds, P675 for the weanling, P500 for labor and P700 for water and electricity.

He currently sells his 90-kilo hog at P125 per kilo, which means P11,250. That means a profit of P5,875 per head. That’s more than the cost of production.

CHEAP FEEDS – How come his feeds cost only P9.50 per kilo while the conventional commercial feed in the market is P28 per kilo? He has very cheap ingredients. In one batch of feeds for his fatteners, he uses 50 kilos of D1 (fine) rice bran that costs P9 per kilo; 5 kg soya at P32 per kilo; 7 kg copra at P12 per kilo; 15 kg water hyacinth (better known here as water lily) which he collects from his own pond; 0.5 kg salt and 0.5 kg lime. To these he adds plant extracts (sambong and lagundi). The mixture is then fermented inside tightly covered plastic drums for 15 days before feeding. The cost per kilo comes out to be P9.50.

NO FOUL ODOR – Jess Domingo’s piggery does not have the usual foul odor found in conventional piggeries. Instead of cemented flooring, the flooring in Domingo’s piggery is one-meter deep rice hull. The pigs are not bathed at all but they are clean. The piggery does not have foul smell because it is regularly sprayed with EM activated solution which is cheap.

TRAINING FARMERS – Through the prodding of the provincial agriculturist in Ifugao, Jess has been conducting seminars on organic pig production for farmers and entrepreneurs. The problem of most farmers is that they don’t have access to some of the ingredients in formulating their own feeds.

Jess thinks that if the farmers can have access to ready-mixed fermented feeds, more would go into organic pork production. And that is the reason why he is thinking of putting up a feed mill for the same. Costales has a model for that which he can copy.

FREE-RANGE CHICKEN – Jess also has free-range chickens. At first, he raised chickens for meat. However, market was a problem for broilers in his place. There is however a market for organic eggs and that is why he is concentrating on that now.

He has enclosed his 40 calamansi trees for the chickens. They don’t only provide eggs for Jess to sell at P8 to P10 per piece. They also make the calamansi trees healthy and fruitful because of their manure.

COSTALES TO HELP IN MARKETING – Ronald Costales who has established a growing clientele for organic farm produce is encouraging Jess to produce more organic pork and eggs. He said he could market his pork and eggs in Manila.

Another product that one of Ronald’s customers is looking for is grass-fed beef. Maybe, that could be another project for Jess to undertake.


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