The Processing

Once you got in the embassy and secure your number, all you have to do is wait your number to be called.

if you are there to renew your passport, get ready your papers on hand while waiting the number. Numbers may be called quickly depending on the person before you. Some are really quick, and some takes a while, but don’t worry, yours be called soon.

Have you organise your papers before going there?

Well, to make the transactions fast and speedy, get it ready before getting there. Take your time necessary to get ready everything before going there.   Remember, that the people who come there maybe from places far away, some took children, and some maybe old, and some maybe exhausted from travelling. Consider these feelings as well. Help as much as you can by sorting yourself.

First, if you are renewing your passport.
Get ready all the requirements.

  1. Your old passport.
    Also photocopy of these 2 copies of the data page and its back.
    sample of data page
    sample of last page, this view may change depending on the kind of your passport. Whether its readable or not, or maybe at the time of application of your passport, the passport maybe different version, but so long its the last page.
  2. As for the supporting documents, photocopy 2 copies of each of them.
    (As to my experience, the do not look at any of my original papers, but in case they may need to see it, at least you have it handy.).  After all, if you come from far away, it is better to have it there, rather than come back again the next time.Insert all the papers requirement in the old passport, then hand it to the person processing it.

Note : If you renew your passport after a period of time, meaning the expiry date of your passport due for a long time, before you renew it, you might need to execute an  affidavit. check sample…


I can save a lot of time if you download this form  and write your reasons why you are delayed in renewing your passport. In my son’s case, I write there…
…. Due to distance and work.  Travel schedule to visit PE London office was always re scheduled.  The affiant is still a Filipino Citizen.

Well, it works okay.   You need to write two original/Or, you can make one original and one (1) photocopy. Your choice.

Return of documents:

Applicants are requested to provide their own self-addressed envelope for the return of their documents.


  • Standard – 1 envelope with max of 3 passports 9.00 
    ( Not sure if this is special Delivery, though if you check on your application form, it says there, that it must be special Delivery. Normally cost £6.95, You must buy this Prepaid special Delivery Envelope from your local post office. This must carry at least 100g. and may able to carry 2 passports inside it.  
  • Additional postage (per each additional passport) 1.00
    This maybe the cheapest way to add if you have additional passports needed.  Well, I have not clever enough, I gave two (2) Prepaid Special Delivery, my husband make sure, that should be more than enough for the 3 passports we processed.    IF anyone could add, if 1st Class Sign for would be okay to use for the return documents, that should be more helpful, after all, Recorded Delivery, should be safe as well.


Once the submission of all the documents goes okay, the en charge will tell advised you to pay.  They will give you sort of like receipt with numbers on it.  The cashier window is just beside the processing window.  Just get ready the money needed, it worth securing notes like 10£20, and £5 or if you have some coins as well. Once paid, you can proceed to Photo taking (2nd floor).


This is not the exact view in PE London, but this is just give you an idea how it is done there.  It could be that you are waiting like this before your turn for photo taking..

But when its your turn, you sit down in a chair, the camera is movable and connected to the computer, well I guess, if not connected thru internet,whatsoever, its pretty quick. After the picture taking, you will be asked to have your finger print. Got picture here…

then your signature, though kind of forgot which one first, signature or finger, pretty they are next to each other….

Then reviewing the data entry into the computer by the en charge, then they will tell you roughly how long before the new passport be delivered to you. So far, it takes from earliest as 6 weeks and the longest is 12 weeks.

It worth to renew the passport at least 7-8 months before its expiry date if you have plan to travel for a holiday.

Hope this post is helpful, I encourage my friends in London to share their experiences at PE London in processing their papers, would be helpful to refresh this info from time to time.

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