Why is Safeguarding is Important ?

Safeguarding is important because it aims to protect everyone specifically Young Children, Vulnerable Children and Adults accros the UK, whether sexually, physically, financially, or in some other way. 

It provides to anyone who works with vulnerable children, young people and adults’ needs who needs to know about safeguarding. It gives responsibility to people to help to protect vulnerable people from harm, abuse or neglect.

Who is a vulnerable adult or an adult at risk?

Under the Care Act 2014 in England, a vulnerable adult is someone who has needs for care and support, is at risk of abuse or neglect, and is unable to protect themselves from abuse or neglect.  (There are similar definitions in legislation in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. )

Who is a vulnerable child?

A vulnerable child is defined as being under the age of 18 years of age and currently at high risk of lacking adequate care and protection.

Safeguarding -now considered such an important subject that it’s been reflected in national legislation. Even though there is no single piece of law that is specifically for ‘safeguarding everyone’. There are different pieces of legislation for safeguarding children and safeguarding adults, which are covered in more detail within the safeguarding suite of resources.

Being aware of your responsibilities and knowing how to spot the signs of potential abuse and neglect is everyone’s business, and you should always raise concerns if you have them.